A few months back my friend Fitsum hit me up saying he wanted to throw an art show/event and he wanted my help, I was automatically down. Fitsum’s work is amazing! Im a true fan, his eye and use of colors are incredible. So Fitsum and a couple of his homies went out and found a dope location on Melrose Ave, they named the show Wrong Crowd. We got beer, art, DJ’s, singers, rappers, good vibes and had a night to remember! So many dope artist in one room. Cops eventually got called because we were far to lit! All in all it was a successful start to an ongoing series of art event and parties!

Worst Crowd was an experience I’m sure we will never forget! The night before the event the venue owner bails on us due to legal issues he was dealing with, needless to say the next few hours were extremely hectic! I struck out everywhere, but Fitsum came through yet again and found a spot hours before the event! He got the new flyer out and the art up on the walls and beer on ice and the show started! Although the new space was much smaller than the one we originally wanted, the owner was cool and the neighborhood screamed WORST CROWD. Per usual the crowd packed the house and flooded onto the street! I think for Wrong Crowd 3 we are going to need a stadium! Stay Tuned @oseikey @fitstharip @wyyacht @boogerbud @b1wityoself @alannaaguiar @johnyduce on instagram for more details on upcoming shows, music art and more!

Photos by:

Osei Key (@oseikey), Nikki Monique (@nikkithephotog), and Fitsum (@fitstharip)